Friday, July 11, 2008

Total Delusion

Fake. Phony. Fraud. Wishful thinking on a monstrous scale.

That's what Bammer's so-called "tradition" really is. You Bammers may not want to confront the truth, but the facts are what they are. Deal with it.

Your biggest problem is your emotional attachment to the phony Bourbon Brinte legacy and this phony Bammer "tradition". And you're not alone... some Auburn fans are all caught up in it, too. The truth is, we'll never know just how good of a coach he was, because he never played by the rules. That crooked scumbag came that close to getting caught fixing an SEC game (
link). No one has ever been accused of that before or since - I wonder why? You know why. Everybody knows why.

For once, I'd like to find one single solitary Bammer that not only wants to end the corruption, but does something about it. Of course, he/she'd end up at the bottom of the Black Warrior River. I'd settle for just one Bammer that would publicly admit (not here - in public, on TV and radio) that the so-called "University" is a fundamentally corrupt organization. I certainly won't hold my breath waiting...

Bear Bryant was a low-down sorry crook, who was unfaithful to his wife, was a prolific substance abuser, and fostered an atmosphere of cheating and corruption that persists to this very day - JUST READ THE NEWSPAPER! He deserves no respect from anyone, not even the Bammer faithful... and you Bammergoobers lower yourselves even further (if that's possible) by giving him even the slightest respect at all.

I've already predicted that Bammer's culture of corruption will be its downfall again, whether SaBear is successful or not. You're going down, and this time you're going down HARD. Welcome to The Death Penalty, baby. FIVE YEARS OF NOTHING BUT SHAME... AND NOTHING FOR FIVE LONG YEARS - because you're going to get caught. All the rest of the SEC schools have to do is just be patient. It's only a matter of time, and not much.

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