Thursday, July 10, 2008

7 Wins and 10 Arrests Later - Was It Worth The Investment?

How much have you Bammers shelled out to The Runt so far - $6 million? No, wait... he gave back $1 million. Anyway, is the "Independence Bowl Hall of Honor" (link) all you have to show for that $5 million?

If "Bammer's back", as all you Bammergoobers say - what exactly is this stupid "process" that gets you beat by Louisiana-Monroe (AT HOME), and what is it going to cost in the end? $100 million? $200 million? It would seem to me that when you lose to Louisiana-Monroe, you're not "back" from somewhere, your program's actually gone somewhere (like into the toilet). This is unbelievable - un-fricking believable. It's like putting a $5,000 paint job on an AMC Pacer and parading it around like it's a Lamborghini. Is part of this "process" vying for the AHSAA 6A trophy? The "Who's Who of Tuscaloosa County Football"? The "Music City Bowl" Runner Up Hall of Fame? The truth is, you're an embarrassment to the Southeastern Conference and to 1-A football in general. Lost to the 3rd-place Sun Belt team?! What a "process"...

What do you Bammers think the chances are that La-Mo will EVER give Bammer a home and home? Yeah, a few years ago, they were probably BEGGING for just one game in T-Town, but if they're not on your schedule already, don't bother calling. It ain't happenin'.

By the way - the Auburn Nation is soooooooooooooo scared of Nick Saban. Right. You betcha.

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