Thursday, July 10, 2008

Coach "Character Flaw"

If you look at all of Bourbon Brinte's history - there are several character traits that repeat often enough to be undeniably confirmed:

  1. He was a chain-smoking drunkard. Nobody denies that.
  2. He was a womanizer. Nobody denies that, either.
  3. He was a cheat. Nobody seriously denies that, either.

    The one character trait that no one seems to talk about, although the evidence is there for everyone to see, is that...

  4. He was a quitter. When the going got tough, The Burr wanted to run away.

    When times got tough at Bammer in 1969 and 1970, he nearly quit to coach the Dolphins. The wishbone worked quickly enough, so he stayed. But when Pat Dye showed up at Auburn in 1981, he knew he was about to be schooled by a former assistant. He couldn't stand for that, and he knew Coach Dye wasn't going anywhere, so he QUIT.
Bourbon Brinte was a cheating, chain-smoking, drunken, womanizing QUITTER. The man's life DEFINES "character flaw". I would NEVER entrust my son to a piece of human garbage like Paul "Bear" Bryant. Not EVER. Just look at the lowlife trash he created - Joe "Lemme kith you" Namath, Kenny "Can you give me a lift, officer" Stabler, and on and on and on. His legacy is the wreckage of thousands of families that were taught that moral relativism in the name of competition was OK. All you have to do is look in the newspaper every few days to see the latest fruit of his corrupt regime.

I have ZERO respect for that white trash. I would no more allow someone like that in my house... I wouldn't even let that scumbag cut my grass. He was white trash through and through. The lowlife was STUPID, too... he couldn't even graduate from a podunk Arkansas high school, so it was "fixed" when he ended up in Tuscaloosa. Wow... did he ever understand corruption... as a beneficiary and as the ringleader. I'm sorry he's dead because I can't tell him what a lowlife scumbag he is TO HIS FACE.

Now... you Bammers may not want to confront the truth, but that's the facts. And no one, not even "RTB", can change the facts.

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